Loading Ramp & Other Equipment

Promech can supply and service a broad range of new and used construction equipment and accessories.With its own team of expert engineers and technicians, it designs and manufactures quality Portable Trailer Docking Ramps and Tower Crane Cabins for KROLL Cranes, Denmark.
Take advantage of Promech’s extensive experience in supplying and servicing the construction industry.

Portable Trailer Docking Ramps
Model 10-000 – load carrying capacity 10000kg
Portable wheeled, hi-strength ramp with front axle for head-on loading of containers and flat bed trucks //
forklift friendly incline, height adjustable, high-strength fully welded, side rail protection, solid tyres with press-on rims, hi cap mesh decking, twin folding ramps at container entry, top coated in customer selected colours
Tower Crane Cabins
            for KROLL Tower Crane
Promech’s own team of engineers produces various types of tower crane cabins for KROLL tower cranes.