Fuel Active FA16

Fuel Active FA16
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Fuel Active FA16

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Fuel Flow/Engine power 1350 l/hr (>450kW/604hp)
Operational Temperature -30ºC to +50ºC
Toplate Stainless Steel 304
Baffle Stainless Steel 304
Dynamic Float FA06 Plastic Hydrocarbon Resistant
Flexible Fuel line FA06 Plastic Hydrocarbon Resistant
Gasket BS Nitrile
Gasket Klingersil


Internal No.


FuelActive Solution

For use with very large engines, for example, pump sets, as well
as crushers and screeners. By supplying the fuel lines with the
highest quality fuel available, FuelActive protects the fuel system
and significantly reduces problems associated with contaminated
fuel. Most contamination is water borne and is approximately 15%
heavier than diesel, sinking to the bottom of the fuel tank as a
result. By drawing fuel from the upper level of fuel, the FuelActive
unit avoids the settled contamination at the bottom of the tank.


Fuel Active