Kroll Cranes K3000 Hammerhead Cranes

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Kroll Cranes K3000 Hammerhead Cranes
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Kroll Cranes K3000 Hammerhead Cranes

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TypeHigh Top
Maximum Reach96 m.
Tip Load20,000 kg.
Maximum Load100,000 kg.
Maximum free HUH85 m.
Mast TypeTM50/TM60


Internal No.


For a fast and reliable crane with the technology to position even the heaviest load at the site with pinpoint precision, see our range of Krøll hammerhead cranes.

Spanning 160 to 25,000tm, Krøll offers an extensive range of models, including the biggest ever manufactured tower crane: the K10000. With our new range of flat-top cranes we are sure to meet any lifting requirement.

Years of experience in a worldwide market ensures that all concerns are addressed in every design. For instance, wherever possible all cranes and components are designed to be packed into standard shipping containers, minimizing shipping costs. Likewise, speed and ease of erection are always taken into account.