M&J Waste Shredders F320 Fine-Shredders

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M&J Waste Shredders F320 Fine-Shredders
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M&J Waste Shredders F320 Fine-Shredders

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Dimension (LxWxH)5,237 x 2,250 x 2,737 mm.
Weight18,000 kg.
Number of shafts1
Rotation speed100-290 rpm.
Number of knives168 / 336
Capacity per hour23 Ton / hour
Power pack cooling capacity60 kW
Power pack effect2×200 kW


Internal No.


Heavy-duty fine-shredder for production of RDF/SRF material

The M&J F320 is a powerful flagship in our strong fine-shredder series, targeting the production of Alternative Fuels like RDF/SRF. Created from scratch, it can deliver an impressive 28 tonnes per hour (or 23 ton 90% below 50 mm).

The low operating costs can be attributed to its innovative design. The M&J F320 has a unique cutting system that requires minimal daily maintenance. Unlike its competitors, once the rotor knives and static knives have been set in the initial setup, or after the knife holders have been changed, it does not require routine adjustment.

The M&J F320 also generates a limited amount of heat, so you can avoid frustrating downtime due to, for example, molten plastic. Stable and flexible production are key words for the M&J F320. You can just set the output size, adjust the pusher to meet your needs and off you go.


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