Socma HNF-320 Heavy Duty Diesel Forklift Truck

Socma HNF-320 Heavy Duty Diesel Forklift Truck

Socma HNF-320 Heavy Duty Diesel Forklift Truck


Capacity32,000 kg.
Engine BrandCummins
Engine Power194 kW
Load Center1,250 mm.
Max Lifting Height5,700 mm.
Turning Radius7,260 mm.
Length without forks7,150 mm.
Travel Speed24 landen / 28 unlanden km./hr.
Service weight41,000 kg.



With senior forklift truck engineers, we at SOCMA are able to manufacture high quality heavy-duty diesel forklift truck products that meet the application needs of customers.

1. With large ground clearance, the diesel forklift truck offers improved cross country ability and trafficability. The forklift has wide applications in many industries and is of great value for money.
2. The forklift truck comes with optimized framework which provides high stability and gets rid of the risk of the truck tumbling. The turning radius is small, allowing flexible movement and easy operation.
3. The parts have high cost-performance and easy maintenance.
4. The lifting height of the diesel forklift truck is over 3m, which can be customized.
5. It is equipped with a unique cylinder to facilitate rear wheel maintenance and to suit severe working conditions.
6. The mast using special roller bearings ensures extended use life and improved reliability.
7. The pressure limiting valve is used for safety, misoperation prevention and reduced damage to the hydraulic system.
8. The driver’s cab, with skylight design, is spacious and bright, and offers good view and great comfort.
9. The use of detachable rear counterweight not only reduces early wear of tyres, but allows the diesel forklift truck to serve multiple purposes.
10. The fork works under hydraulic control.
11. The high magnification ratio brake system ensures it meets the heavy-duty braking needs.
12. The accessories are highly universal, easy and quick to maintain, which results in low cost, time saving and improved efficiency.