Drive Speed 24 m/min

Net Power (kW) 36 hp (27)

1648 Plus Power Box

Drive Speed 40 m/min

Net Power (kW) 48 hp (35.4)

Asphalt Pavers | Quality Paves. More Business.

Gehl Power Box® Asphalt Pavers deliver what paving professionals need most: a quality paving job, which leads to repeat business and
referrals. Designed to handle all kinds of commercial and municipal applications, these machines really perform for the contractors who make their living from the platform of a paver.

– Paving widths from 4 to 13 feet

– Paving depths adjustable to 6 inches

– Fully heated, fully extendable, free-floating screeds

– Reduced engine noise from previous models

– Left and right-hand operating controls

– Excellent visibility due to low backwall design

– Speeds as high as 130 FPM