1640 E

Rated Operating Capacity 386kg

Net Power (kW) 24 hp (17.9)

3640 E

Rated Operating Capacity 476kg

Net Power (kW) 35 hp (26)

4240 E

Rated Operating Capacity 612kg

Net Power (kW) 46 hp (34)

4640 E Power 2

Rated Operating Capacity 748kg

Net Power  (kW) 68 hp (50.7)

5240 E Power 2

Rated Operating Capacity 826kg

Net Power (kW) 68 hp (50.7)

5640 E

Rated Operating Capacity 998kg

Net Power (kW) 70.7 hp (53.7)

6640 E

Rated Operating Capacity 1179kg

Net Power (kW) 70.7 hp (52.7)

E-Series Radial-Lift Skid Loaders | Driven Towards Excellence

Building its first skid loader in 1973, Gehl has spent the last four decades enhancing their design. This drive toward excellence resulted in the E-Series Skid Loaders. These machines come fully loaded with the performance and features needed to tackle the toughest applications. Offering spacious cabs and a choice of controls, the E-Series Skid Loaders keep operators comfortable all day long.

High-Output, High-Torque Engines
Supply extra horsepower where and when you need it, ranging from 24 hp (17.9 kW) to 68 hp (50.7 kW).

Unparalleled Comfort
Ergonomic design and choice of operator-friendly control type for hours of fatigue-free operation.

Advanced Hydraulic System
Allows simultaneous hydraulic functions without loss of power or speed.

Standard Auxiliary Hydraulics
Seamlessly power attachments for the versatility and expanded capabilities you require.