MHT-X 10120

Max. Capacity 12000kg

Max. Lift Height 9.62m

MHT-X 10180

Max. Capacity 18000kg

Max. Lift Height 9.70m

MHT-X 10225

Max. Capacity 22500kg

Max. Lift Height 9.70m

MHT-X 14350

Max. Capacity 35000kg

Max. Lift Height 13.60m

MHT-X 780

Max. Capacity 8000kg

Max. Lift Height 6.80m

MHT-X 860

Max. Capacity 6000kg

Max. Lift height 8.10m

MHT Series // MANITOU Heavy Telescopic

The MANITOU MHT series heavy capacity telescopic handlers are designed to handle the most demanding jobs in the most extreme conditions.
Theses heavy-duty machines have the power and precision necessary for work in the mining, quarrying, large-industrial, infrastructure, recycling, and construction industries.
With a wide range of accessories designed to meet the needs of a variety of applications, the MHT Series heavy capacity telescopic handler provides an array of solutions on the jobsite.
The MHT heavy telescopic handlers will handle loads up to 35000kg and provide lift heights up to 13.60m