MLT-X 1040

Max. Capacity 4000kg

Max. Lift Height 9.60m

MLT-X 625

Max. Capacity 2500kg

Max. Lift Height 5.90m

MLT-X 627

Max. Capacity 2700kg

Max. Lift Height 5.55m

MLT-X 735

Max. Capacity 3500kg

Max. Lift Height 6.90m

MLT-X 845

Max. Capacity 4500kg

Max. Lift Height 7.55m

MLT-X 960

Max. Capacity 6000kg

Max. Lift Height 9.00m

MLT Series // MANITOU Loader Telescopic

Specially designed with high hydraulic power to meet the requirement of agriculture and industrial applications, the MLT telescopic handlers will handle loads up to 6000kgs and provide lift heights up to 9.6m.
Experience day-to-day productivity and comfort for all your rough terrain handling work.