MRT-X 1440 Easy

Max. Capacity 4000kg

Max. Lift Height 13.80m

MRT-X 1640 Easy

Max. Capacity 4000kg

Max. Lift Height 15.80m

MRT-X 1840 Easy

Max. Capacity 4000kg

Max. Lift Height 17.90m

MRT-X 2150+ Privilege

Max. Capacity 4999kg

Max. Lift Height 20.60m

MRT-X 2540+ Privilege

Max. Capacity 4000kg

Max. Lift Height 24.60m

MRT-X 3050+ Privilege

Max. Capacity 5000kg

Max. Lift Height 29.70m

MRT Series // MANITOU Rotating Telescopic

The MRT-X Easy offers you all the advantages of a high-lift telehandler: off-road efficiency, ease of handling and versatility. All-round rotation allows you to work whilst stationary, with total freedom of movement.
You handle more in less time than with a conventional telehandler. With the MRT-X Easy, you save time and increase productivity.
The MRT-X Easy can be easily and quickly equipped with numerous accessories: forks, side shift carriages, skips etc. Maximum efficiency for various applications: distribution of materials around building sites, supply of materials and handling on terrain that’s difficult to access, like tunnels, confined sites.
The MRT rotating telescopic handlers will handle loads up to 5000kg and provide lift heights up to 29.7m