V270 Gen:2

Rated Operating Capacity 1225kg

Net Power (kW) 70.7 hp (52.7)

V330 Gen:2

Rated Operating Capacity 1497kg

Net Power (kW) 70.7 hp (52.7)


Rated Operating Capacity 1814kg

Net Power (kW) 99 hp (74)

Vertical-Lift Skid Loaders  |  Pushing the Limits of Innovation

Gehl is pushing the limits of innovation and performance once again with the launch of the V270 GEN:2 and V330 GEN:2 vertical-lift skid loaders.
Add in the V400, the world’s largest skid loader, and you have a robust, vertical-lift product offering designed to meet the specific needs of each operation.

T-Bar Controls
Now available on the V270 GEN:2 and V330 GEN:2, the T-Bar controls are offered on all three models.

Vertical-Lift, Heavy-Duty Boom
High-strength, low-profile design increases operator visibility and lifts loads in a true vertical path on the V400 and a nearly vertical path on the V270 GEN:2 and V330 GEN:2.

Cab-Forward Design
Increased visibility to the bucket cutting edge. A fully adjustable operator area provides customized comfort.

Advanced Engines
Emissions certified Tier IV engines combine power and efficiency on the V270 GEN:2 and V330 GEN:2.

Strongest in Class
Full-size skid loaders provide high performance and high tractive forces coupled with an impressive rated city of 4,000 lbs. (1814 kg) on the V400.