Tower Cranes



Building Tower Cranes

Promech in partnership with RAIMONDI offers construction
And building tower cranes in the range 50 to 300 t/m capacity
focusing on the general building and construction industry.

The RAIMONDI range of cranes including Topless, Luffing,
Hammerhead and Fast Erection types incorporate up to date
electrical control technology and structural design.



Heavy Tower Cranes

Promech supplies KROLL tower cranes to civil engineering projects,
shipbuilding, power generation and heavy industry in the range of
320 to 10,000 t/m capacity.

As the builder of the largest tower cranes in the world KROLL, with
Promech, can provide customers with customized heavy lifting solutions on
a turn key basis. Past projects:
Bhumibol Bridge project / Bangkok (2004-2006) – 4 units KROLL K320
Cantho-Mekong River Bridge project / Vietnam (2006-2010) – 2 units KROLL K400